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School of Politics and International Relations

Laura Richards-Gray


Research Topic: Why does gender inequality persist in the welfare state?: A gendered analysis of the way in which welfare is problematised in political and public discourse

Supervisor(s): Prof. Rainbow Murray and Dr Javier Sajuria

Research Interests:

British politics; gender politics; the Welfare State; the relationship between public opinion and policy; political discourse and the legitimation of policy; qualitative methods

Education/Professional Qualifications

  • BA Joint Honours in English and History
  • MA in Politics

Work Experience
Research Officer for the Electoral Commission; Research Manager for the Audit Commission; Senior Research Officer for the Liberal Democrats; Research Manager at Ipsos MORI

Publications etc.

Paper presented as part of Women In Politics panel at PSA 2017 in Glasgow titled ‘The Coalition Government’s Welfare Discourse and the Legitimation of Gendered Welfare Reform’.


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