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School of Politics and International Relations

Felix del Campo


Research Topic: History of "Occidental" radical conservative neoliberalism and the continuation of neoliberalism by other means: contemporary European far-right movements.

Supervisors: Prof Ray Kiely and Dr Richard Saull

Research Interests: Neoliberalism; Ordoliberalism; radical-conservatism; European far-right; European identitarianism; French Nouvelle Droit; History of Political Thought; Political Philosophy; Historical Materialism; Marxism; Social Reproduction Theory; Gender Politics, Queer Marxism

Education/Professional Qualifications:

  • BA Chemistry at Alcala de Henares University
  • MA Theoretical Chemistry at Free University of Amsterdam
  • MA Human Rights and Citizenship: Ethics and Politics at University of Barcelona

Work Experience:

  • Assistant Editor: Open access journal at MDPI
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