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School of Politics and International Relations

Farai Chipato


Research topic:

Democracy, governance, and peace in Zimbabwe: Development donors and their relationship with Zimbabawean civil society from 2008 to 2018

My thesis examines the relationship between development donors and NGOs in Zimbabwe, focusing on democracy and human rights, good governance, and peacebuilding. It seeks to understand the ways that development donors influence the place of NGOs in Zimbabwean politics, and the types of the practices and discourses that the donor-NGO relationship encourages. More broadly, the research contributes to the theoretical literature on international interventions, civil society, and global governance, seeking out critical avenues to address these concepts in African politics.

Supervisors: Dr Clive Gabay

Research interests:

International Interventions, International Development, Civil Society, African Politics, Zimbabwe, International Political Sociology, Citizenship


  • BA in History and Politics at the University of Liverpool
  • MA in International Politics at the University of Manchester

Work experience:

Economic development policy research in local government. Research and evaluation consultancy for public and private sector clients on social policy, primary and secondary education, and international trade.

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