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School of Politics and International Relations

Current Research Students

Tinahy Andriamasomanana
'Constitutionalising' the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: The Strategic Use of Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) Case Law by European Commission Policy Actors

Marija Antanaviciute
How to study international ethics: analysing global responsibility as a practice through ethical judgements in international humanitarian organisations

Nick Barlow
Centre parties and the structure of competition

Matthew Barnfield
The effect of poll exposure on voting behaviour

Ida Roland Birkvad
An Intellectual History of Aryanism

Elizabeth Blake
Algorithmic-targeting and its impact on voting behaviour and democracy

Alexander Blanchard
Political Violence: Concept and Rhetoric in Twentieth Century America

Felix del Campo
History of "Occidental" radical conservative neoliberalism and the continuation of neoliberalism by other means: contemporary European far-right movements.

Farai Chipato
Democracy, governance, and peace in Zimbabwe: Development donors and their relationship with Zimbabawean civil society from 2008 to 2018

Sian Cilia
Renegotiating the Political in Agnostic Democracies: the transformative role of solidarity in democratic confederalism

Jesse Connuck
Deploying Home: US Military Homemaking Practices Since the Cold War

Sophie Crowe
Asylum and political becoming: a case study of asylum seekers in Israel

Manuela da Rosa Jorge
The Necropolitical Landscape of European Union Readmission Agreements: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the EU-Afghan

Andonea Jon Dickson

Militarising Borders: Evolving Systems of Power and Exclusion in Maritime BordersAndonea Jon Dickson

Mohammed Eltom
The Influence of American Civil Society Organizations on US Policy Towards Sudan (1998-2008)

Anna Finiguerra
Re-conceptualising Politics as Resistance Through the Everyday Practices of Migrant Activism in the EU Context

Fawzia Gibson-Fall
Military involvement in health in sub-Saharan Africa, a multilevel analysis

Borjan Gjuzelov
Between Written and Unwritten Rules: Macedonian Informal Institutions from Socialism to EU-Accession

Sanju Gurung
On a razor’s edge: the troubled neutrality behind the geopolitical dilemma facing Nepal amid the global rise of India and China

James Hicks
Populism For and Against the Neoliberal Order

Tom Hooper
A Genealogy of Innocence: Seeking the pudenda origo of Just War

Farah Hussain
The experience of Ethnic Minority women of UK local politics

Salomé Ietter
The people in struggle: populism, anti-populism, and emancipatory politics in contemporary French and British contexts 

Nuni Vieira Jorgensen
Fleeing South: The Impact of Patchwork Policies on Transnational Venezuelan Families in Latin America

Lucy Kneebone
Politics of the In-Between: Struggles over Camps

Timor Landherr
Borders and Their Shadows – The Politics of Territory, Externalisation, and Movement

Madeleine Lindh
The edge of Liberalism: abjection and governmentality in the European response to returning foreign fighters

Felix Mantz
Indigenous Politics, Coloniality and Land Conflicts in East Africa

Meena Masood
The politics of vulnerability and governance in the European ‘migrant crisis’

Karin Narita
Global Modernity and the Far-Right: A Study of the Intellectual Foundations of Japanese Reactionary Nationalism

Hannah Owens
Rethinking the vernacular transversally: a methodological reworking of Vernacular Security Studies

Sabina Pačariz
Turkish Influence in Serbia: A Critique of Soft Power

Mirko Palestrino
The International Politics of Victory: Racialised Hierarchies and Conflicting Temporalities

Janina Pescinski
The Criminalization of Acts of Solidarity with Migrants

Kate Phipps
Narratives of Intergenerational Mobility in Athens

Laura Richards-Gray
Why does gender inequality persist in the welfare state?: A gendered analysis of the way in which welfare is problematised in political and public discourse

Patricia Rodi
Populist political communication going mainstream? Populism in the discursive and communicative strategies of mainstream political parties in Western Europe

Simca Simpson
Rights-based Governance and Care Labour Professionalization: Institutionalizing the Rights to Care, Decent Work and Migration in the MERCOSUR

Alexander Stoffel
Queer Worldmaking: The Anti-imperialism of Sexual Politics

Pedro Teres
The Western exportation of violence towards countries in the Global South

Jodi Thompson
A Critical Analysis of Muslim Framing and the Formation of Cultural Identity through Bourdieu’s ‘Fields’ of Practice

Deirdre Troy
The Imperial Politics of Citizenship Revocation

Andrew Walker
Governance, Power and Devolution: the city-regions agenda, and 'the new localism' in England

Oliwia Wasik
Tracing the Nexus Between Technology and Trauma in the Modern Understanding of Political Violence

Benedetta Zocch
The Making of a Frontier: Colonial and Subversive Logics in the Bosnian canton of Una-Sana




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