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School of Politics and International Relations


The School holds many interesting and exciting events. We understand that not everyone will be able to attend these, however we appreciate the recordings may be of great interest to our students, staff and visitors.

If you would like to listen to our event recordings, you can find some of the podcasts and audio recordings below.

Britain’s Role in a Reformed Europe - 28.4.14

Fifty years of EP Thompson’s The Making of the English Working Class - 25.6.13

One Nation Labour Conference - 18.4.13

The Centre for European Research Launch - 7.2.13

The Making of Global Capitalism - 13.11.12

The 2nd Michael Quinlan Lecture: 'What is Ethical Foreign Policy Leadership?' - 23.5.12

What can the West do about Syria? - 30.5.12

Recession, Racism and Riots - 14.3.12

Is there a Future for the Eurozone? - 27.3.12

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