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Pathology Museum

High Spirits: Special Halloween Event

29 October 2014

Time: 6:30 - 9:00pm

Here at the Pathology museum, the dead speak to us metaphorically via their every lesion, fracture or deformity. Many Victorians, however, believed in Spiritualism: they thought the spirits of the dead had the desire and the ability to actually communicate with the living (usually through a medium.) Many famous figures from both the scientific and literary world were believers - including Elizabeth Browning, Alfred Russel Wallace and, perhaps most famously of all, Arthur Conan Doyle who has links with Barts Pathology Museum. Despite numerous examples of mediums been caught out in trickery and fraud, many of the sitters remained certain that they were genuinely in touch with their loved ones.

Join us around the séance tables as magician Ian Keable gives a brief illustrated history of Spiritualism, and demonstrates some spiritualist stunts that would have had your Victorian ancestors convinced they could speak to their own deceased ancestors.

Then, sample some tasty alcoholic spirits – rum, whisky, cognac and gin - with dramatic sommeliers from Theatre of Wine at this spirit-themed, special seasonal gathering.


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