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Pathology Museum

Delicious Decay: The Edible Body Farm

29 October 2016

Time: 12:00 - 7:00pm


Delicious Decay will engage the public with the sometimes horrifying yet fascinating topic of bodily decomposition via very palatable means, and will be held during the run-up to Halloween on  Saturday 29 October.

The event is inspired in part by the unusual chemical indole, which is present in coffee and chocolate as well as the decomposing deceased.

This day long extravaganza will be split into approximate hour long slots to ensure that everyone gets to equally experience the amazing Edible Body Farm!

Each hour the edibles and experiences will be renewed/replenished meaning people with later tickets won't lose out. ‘Free From’ items will be available

Each approximate one hour time slot includes several decomposition experiences:

  • Excavating edible soil for as many consumable body parts as you can eat
  • A chance to view the second floor, normally not open to the public.
  • A session with Forensic Anthropologist Dr Anna Williams and her ghastly chemicals used to train cadaver dogs to detect human remains.
  • A make-up artist who will make you look ‘decomposed’!

Scattered throughout our incredibly decorated Body Farm will be tables of incredible edibles for you to purchase – either consume on site or take them to Halloween parties and scare all the guests!

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