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Pathology Museum

Bad Santa: The Growing Popularity of Krampus

3 December 2014

Time: 6:30 - 9:00pm

Krampus, a demon-like creature from Alpine folklore, is said to punish ‘naughty’ children at Christmas, in contrast with Jolly St Nicholas who brings presents. Krampusnacht, usually celebrated on December 5th, involves dressing up as the Krampus and roaming the streets frightening children with chains and bells. The Krampus phenomenon has been re-kindled; growing in popularity in the US and increasingly appearing in the UK.

Join paranormal expert Deborah Hyde to learn more about Krampus and to eat traditional Alpine festive cake and drink hot, spiced wine.


Deborah Hyde

Deborah Hyde is editor in chief of The Skeptic Magazine and blogger on the paranormal at

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