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Pathology Museum

A fascinating History of Victorian Mourning

25 October 2014

Time: 2:00 - 6:00pm

In memoriam of the mourning industry, join us to mark the sad passing of customs which made men fortunes and assisted women’s grief.

Don the appropriate black garments as a mark of respect for the Widow of Windsor Queen Victoria and hear her read extracts from her diaries of her sorrowful and lonely life after the sad demise of her dearest Albert.

Afterwards Jane of Hats Period will continue the funereal procession through the customs of mourning with artefacts, costumes, hats and ephemera and explain how they helped in the eras when death was ever present.

To ensure you turn heads at the wake which follows, Jillian of Feather and Flask will provide all the finest materials and teach you how to craft a headpiece worthy of attending any memorial event or party.

There will be tea to comfort you and gin to help you drown your sorrows with a funeral spread of Queen Victoria's favourite chocolate cake and funeral biscuits.

As well as the fascinator workshop included in the event, there will also be readymade Hats Period Victorian milliners silk hats available to purchase to be adorned as you so desire *optional extra

This event is for guests who are 18+

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