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Pathology Museum


Barts Pathology Museum, a part of Queen Mary University of London , is a medical-humanities hub and venue for public engagement and education. Our events showcase research and the arts from our own institution as well as other universities, independent researchers and other museums. Our activities are in accordance with Human Tissue Authority recommendations on Public Display of medical collections and the University Museums Group guidance, and are sensitive to the dignity of the collection.


Museum events Update Spring/Summer 2023

If you are looking for details of any upcoming events in the near future, or wanting to pay us a visit, then please read the following:

We receive many requests from visitors, especially from abroad, to visit the museum and collection. It is extremely rewarding to know there is so much interest in our unique and historic collection, and we look forward to being able to share it with you at some point. Regrettably though, just at the moment, we are finding it increasingly difficult to find staff time to entertain these requests due to prioritising teaching and assessment of our students. Therefore, for the time being, we can only hold open days that are planned in advance. This will allow us to ensure we have the resources available and not to clash with other commitments. If you are interested in attending an open day please email us at Your email address will be held on a secure University server, in accordance with Data Protection regulations, and we will then notify you of any events or open days that we are able to hold.


As for the evening seminars that proved so popular in the past, we continue to hold on to the idea that more will be held in the future. Again, it is a resourcing issue but we have every intention of holding more and meeting you soon.

Thank you for your interest.

Steve Moore

Museum Manager

June 2023.


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