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Zeiss Super resolution LSM 710 ELYRA PS.1

LSM 710 ELYRA PS.1 is a combination of an inverted laser scanning confocal microscopy 710 (LSM 710) with super resolution imaging microscopy ELYRA PS.1: photo activated localization microscopy (PALM)/Stochastic Optical Resolution Microscopy (STORM) and structured illumination microscopy (SIM). It is suitable for imaging targeting at 10-100nm resolution at single molecule level. In addition, Zen 2012 software, motorised X/Y stage, definite focus, TIRF mode make it capable of acquisition of tiling, multiple positions, time lapse, FRAP and FRET. It has a on stage environment chamber with a 35mm petri dish adaptor linked with a CO2/N2 controller for live cell imaging including hypoxic experiments. Furthermore, it comes with an offline data processing workstation.

EC Plan-Neofluar10x/0.3 M27, EC Plan-Neofluar20x/0.5 M27, Plan-Apochromat 63x/1.4 Oil DIC M27, Plan-Apochromat 100x/1.46 Oil DIC M27 Lasers: LSM 710:  Diode laser 405nm  (30mW), Ar/ML 458/488/514nm  (35mW), HeNe 543nm (1 mW), HeNe 633 nm (5mW).SIM/PALM: HR Diode 405nm (50mW), HR Diode 488nm (100mW), HR DPSS 561nm (100mW), HR Diode 642nm (150mW)  Cameras: sCMOS for SIM, EMCCD for PALM


Price per hour : Please contact core manager

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Contact details

Facility : Confocal Laser Scanning and Super Resolution Microscopy Lab

Campus : School of Engineering and Materials Science

Address : 2nd Floor, room ENG240H, Cell and Tissue Engineering Lab, Engineering Building, Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road London E1 4NS

Manager : Martin Knight

Contact : 0207882 8868 Or 0207882 6943

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