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Zeiss PALM Microbeam Laser Microdissection Microscope at BCI

The P.A.L.M. Microbeam system is for the microdissection and capture of specified regions from tissue samples for subsequent extraction of DNA, RNA or protein.The system works by a process of laser dissection, followed by pressure catapulting. Samples can be collected from paraffin-embedded sections, frozen sections or cultured cells. Both brightfield and fluorescence light sources.

Zeiss Observer Z1 fully motorised inverted microscope with stage insert to hold three slides. RoboMover collection device accommodates up to eight eppendorf tubes. Fluar 5x/0.25;Fluar 10x/0.5; LD Plan-Neofluar 20x/0.4 Corr; LD Plan-Neofluar 40x/0.6 Corr; LD Plan-Neofluar 63x/0.75 Corr objectives. Illuminator HXP 120 C  and HAL 100 illuminator. Filter sets for DAPI, FITC and Texas Red. Digital microscopy camera AxioCam ICc 1. PALM Robo v4.6 software.


Price per hour : £15

Price O/N :

Contact details

Facility : BCI Microscopy Facility

Campus : BCI Charterhouse Square

Address : 3nd Floor, John Vance Science Centre, Charterhouse Square, London EC1M 6BQ

Manager : Linda Hammond

Contact : 020 7882 5132

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