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Olympus iX81 Epifluorescence Microscope

This Olympus iX81 is an inverted, fully motorised and environment-controlled microscope for brightfield, phase contrast and epifluorescence imaging applications, suited to live and fixed samples on slides, 35 mm dishes or multi-well plates. 



For a full system specification, visit the CMR Advanced Bio-imaging Facility equipment pages. In brief, the system is configured with DAPI/GFP/RFP LEDs and filtersets, four dry phase objective lens options (4x, 10x, 20x, 40x), a Hamamatsu Orca-ER camera and it runs off the latest CellSens software.



As a camera-based system, widefield microscopy provides high-speed capture that is ideally suited to thin samples (cell monolayers or 10 um tissue sections). Common applications include label-free multi-well cell migration assays by phase contrast, tile and stitch scans to map fluorescence over large tissue sections and low-cost sample screening ahead of confocal work. 


Price per hour : £5

Price O/N : £50

Contact details

Facility : CMR Advanced Bio-imaging Facility

Campus : Charterhouse Square

Address : Centre for Microvascular Research, William Harvey Research Institute, Charterhouse Square, EC1M 6BQ

Manager : Dr Tom Nightingale

Contact : 020 7882 3910

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