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3D Histech Pannoramic 250 High Throughput Digital Slide Scanner

The Pannoramic 250 is a high throughput, brightfield scanner with a 250 slide capacity. Allows brightfield scanning of whole tissue sections or TMAs and subsequent analysis using Densito Quant, Nuclear Quant and Membrane Quant modules.  

The scanner holds up to ten racks (23 slides per rack). Imaging by a 20x objective, Images can be viewed up to 43x magnificaton.  Preview camera also records slide label. Automatic and Manual modes available. Can read bar codes. Dedicated Pannoramic Scanner, Viewer and analysis software.


Price per hour : £15

Price O/N :

Contact details

Facility : BCI Microscopy Facility

Campus : BCI Charterhouse Square

Address : 3nd Floor, John Vance Science Centre, Charterhouse Square, London EC1M 6BQ

Manager : Linda Hammond

Contact : 020 7882 5132

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