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Teacher events

Who is this event for? Teachers, particularly those with responsibility for whole-school literacy and teachers of A-level English Language. Queen Mary welcomes teachers from independent and state schools, as well as Sixth Form and FE Colleges.

Date: Thursday 27 June, 2019

Time: 9.45am-3.45pm

Location: Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Campus, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS

Nearest Tube: Stepney Green or Mile End

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Contact: Will McAdam,


This brand new, specially developed training gives teachers a deeper understanding of the underlying principles of how language works, in specific relation to the English language system, and provides a new way of engaging students with language in a way that improves their linguistic skills and literacy.

This is an innovative approach and a new way of thinking around teaching language, successfully used in summer schools aimed at pre-GCSE students.

Participants will learn practical approaches they can use within their teaching. Teachers will be given materials that that they can implement straight away in their schools, allowing them to use innovative ways of teaching phonics, grammar, word order and more.

Our vision is to empower schools to create environments where children are encouraged to be investigative and take risks with their language, instigating an excitement and interest in reading, writing and linguistics.

What participants will receive?

Teachers will receive materials to support the implementation of this course in their own schools. We will be seeking opportunities to follow up on the impact of the work with attending teachers.

Who will be leading this course?

David Adger is Professor of Linguistics at Queen Mary University of London, and President of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain. He’s author of many books and articles on linguistics including the forthcoming Language Unlimited, from Oxford University Press

Coppe van Urk is a Lecturer in Linguistics at Queen Mary University of London. He writes on the nature of variation across languages, with a particular focus on understudied languages.

Ruoan Wang is a PhD Candidate in Linguistics at Queen Mary University of London. She is interested in typology, honorifics and syntax.

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