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Dr Paul Copeland


Senior Lecturer in Public Policy / School of Politics and International Relations


My research focuses on the political constellations surrounding EU social policy and the effectiveness of current governance tools within Social Europe. My work is strongly interdisciplinary and attempts to analyse the process of European integration surrounding Social Europe by engaging with the approaches and methods found within the broader school of the Social Sciences and Law.

Dr Paul Copeland's full staff profile



P. Copeland (2020) Governance and the European Social Dimension: Politics, Power and the Social Deficit in a post-2010 EU (Oxon: Routledge). 

P Copeland (2014) EU Enlargement, the Clash of Capitalisms and the European Social Dimension (Manchester: Manchester University Press: Manchester).

P. Copeland and D. Papadimitriou (eds.) (2012) The EU’s Lisbon Strategy: Evaluating Success and Understanding Failure (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan).

A. I. Aybars, P. Copeland and D. Tsarouhas (Forthcoming) ‘Europeanization without substance? EU-Turkey relations and gender equality in employment’ Comparative European Politics. Available at:

P. Copeland (2019) ‘Why Brexit will Do little to change the contours of the European social dimension’, Politics and Governance 7 (3): 30-39. ***OPEN ACCESS* available at: 

P. Copeland and M. Daly (2018) ‘EU Social Policy and the European Semester’, Journal of Common Market Studies 56 (5): 1001-1018. 

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