New Students


Our Careers & Enterprise team is on hand to help you launch your career.


What opportunities are there?

Services and opportunities available to you:

Careers and Enterprise can support you in finding part-time work and work experience from the moment you arrive at Queen Mary, all the way through to helping you secure further study or a graduate job when you leave. Every school has a dedicated Careers Consultant, providing workshops and one-to-one careers appointments all designed to help you grow in your career thinking and secure success.

The first year is a great time to start exploring your job options. We can help you do that through our employer events, alumni panels and QTaster programme, where you sample different job sectors through employer visits. If you think you may want to start your own business, then link into our enterprise programme which offers training and seed funding for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you are looking for a part-time job or work experience, visit our jobs and experience page to find:

  • Part-time jobs and internships across the UK on QM JobsOnline
  • Queen Mary exclusive work experience schemes QInterns and QConsult
  • Temp jobs on and local to campus through QTemps
  • First-year insight schemes run by employers

For those looking for help with how to do well in the employer recruitment process for jobs and work experience, get help through our:

Friday and visit our website, which houses a wealth of online materials including specific resources, advice and information for international students, students with a disability and students from a black and minority ethnic background.

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