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Advice and Counselling

How Advice and Counselling can help

Queen Mary’s Advice and Counselling Service offers students support on a number of issues. Check out our Advice and Counselling Service spotlight  part of the wider student services spotlight series.

The Advice and Counselling Service website has detailed information to help you plan how much money you will need, where it will come from, how to apply for it, and how to manage it.

You will find specific funding information for:

Find out how to plan your budget and some great money saving ideas here:

Home / EU students
International students

You can contact the Advice and Counselling team for confidential advice before you enrol at Queen Mary, for example if you are having difficulties with your application for Student Finance, or if you would like to check that you are getting all of the income to which you are entitled. There are also online student advice guides that provide information on a range of topics. If you are not in contact with your family, or you are care experienced, or from a refugee or asylum background, we have particular support available

Please see:

Students not in contact with family

Care experienced students

Students from a refugee or asylum background

If you're a Home/EU undergraduate student and you've applied for your Student Finance but it's been delayed, there is information on what to do and how Queen Mary can help.

You may also want to look into opening a student bank account, although you should research carefully to select the appropriate one for you. Advice and Counselling also provide guidance for international students on opening a bank account in the UK.