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Induction sessions FAQs

Where do I go for my programme introduction session?

You should have received information directly from your school or institute about induction events during Welcome Week. Induction schedules can also be found on the programme introduction page on the new students web pages.

Please contact your school/institute student office if you have queries about the timing, content or your attendance at these events.

If you are a joint honours student, we encourage you to follow the induction schedule for your home school and attend events in your other school as necessary/specified. Most schools try to avoid clashes but if there are issues, please contact your home school office first to resolve this.

I’m an international/EU student – where do I need to go for induction?

We run a specific welcome programme for international, EU students and study abroad/associate/Erasmus students.

International and EU students

The International Welcome Programme takes place on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 September, starting with the opening welcome talk at 9.30am on 18 September in the Great Hall in the People’s Palace (number 16 on the Mile End campus map). The programme covers immigration advice, a speed meet to get to know other students, study guidance, language support, life in London and working in the UK.

Download the full schedule: International/EU Student Welcome [PDF 114KB]

I’m an associate/Erasmus / study abroad student – where do I need to go for induction?

If you are on a programme of six months or less, there is a separate induction programme for you:

  • Monday 18 September, 12.50-4.45pm: Orientation for Associate Students in the Great Hall, People’s Palace, Mile End campus (attendance is mandatory for all associate students).
  • Tuesday 19 September, 1-2pm: Discussions from academic schools in the Great Hall, People’s Palace, Mile End campus (attendance is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended for all associate students).

Download the full schedule: Arrivals guide international students [PDF 4,759KB]


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