Mile End Institute

Professor Pat Thane


Member of the Mile End Institute Advisory Board


Pat Thane is Research Professor in Contemporary History, Kings College, London. She was previously Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Sussex, 1994-2001 and Leverhulme Professor of Contemporary British History at the Institute of Historical Research, 2001-2010. Her publications include: The Foundations of the Welfare State, Old Age in England. Past Experiences, Present Issues; Women and Ageing in British Society since 1500 co ed with Lynn Botelho; The Long History of Old Age ed;  Britain’s Pensions Crisis. History and Policy co ed with Hugh Pemberton and Noel Whiteside; Unequal Britain. Equalities in Britain since 1945 ed.; Women and Citizenship in Britain and Ireland in the Twentieth Century. What Difference did the Vote Make? co-ed with Esther Breitenbach.  She is a convenor of History and Policy.