Mile End Institute

Professor Jane Wills


Member of the Mile End Institute Advisory Board


Jane Wills’ research over the past two decades has been on: The changing geo-political-economy of work, employment, labour supply and labour politics; New forms of urban political alliances with a particular interest in community organising; and the politics and practice of localism in the UK.  Key projects and publications include ESRC and Trust-for-London-funded research into the living wage campaign and the importance of community organising in fostering the political alliances on which it depends,  ESRC-funded research into low waged labour in London, the increasing dependence on foreign-born labour and the wider implications of this for policy, development and (in)justice. Her interest in community organising also underpins a new Leverhulme Funded project entitled Politics and Place that seeks to explore the history and practice of localism in the UK.