Mile End Institute

Jeeshan Choudhury



Jeeshan is a BA Politics student at Queen Mary University of London. He greatly enjoys learning of the impact and influence that political decisions have exerted in all areas of life throughout history, be it in government, society or sport. In particular, during his time at university he has developed a fondness for British politics, with notably appealing topics such as internal party democracy, the shift towards centrism and the history of the nation’s relationship with trade unions.

Outside of studies, Jeeshan has applied his knowledge of politics into his activities in the wider world, serving as an active local campaigner, as well as being an avid blogger. He aspires to pursue a career in journalism.

Jeeshan received a studentship from the Mile End Institute for the academic year 2017/8. His role as a student ambassador sees him involved in assisting at Mile End Institute events, as well as supporting the MEI with promotion, digital outreach and community engagement.