Mile End Institute

Jasmin Bath



Jasmin Bath is a student studying history at Queen Mary University of London. Throughout her time at University she has developed a keen interest in American history, with a focus on the nineteenth century. The building of the American Nation, its development and maintenance is something Jasmin has found so crucial in understanding American history and politics that she wants to pursue this interest further with the hope of going on the study a Masters in American history.

Asides from her degree, she is also editor and chief of the QMUL History Journal. This is a journal run for, and by students, with the aim to showcase the excellent essays the students in the school of history have produced throughout their time at QMUL. It’s an amazing thing to be a part and has been one of her most enjoyable experiences during her second year.

Another extra-circular she has participated in is the Mile End Institute. As someone who is very interested in British Politics, her chance to meet different politicians and hear their experiences has been brilliant. She has learnt so many new things about how our country works, and why it works that way. It was an incredible opportunity to work with the Mile End Institute for Jasmin, as it has opened doors, she never knew existed and gave her more knowledge about some of the important issues facing society today.