Mile End Institute

Daniel Gover


Research Fellow

Room Number: QMUL School of Politics and International Relations


Daniel joined the Mile End Institute in 2015 as a Research Fellow. He is currently working on the Institute's research project monitoring the operation of the 'English Votes for English Laws' procedures in the House of Commons. As part of this project he co-authored a major report, Finding the Good in EVEL (which was cited widely in the media and in Commons debates), and he gave evidence to several parliamentary select committees.

Prior to joining the Mile End Institute, Daniel was based at the Constitution Unit, UCL, where he conducted research into the Westminster parliament. This included work on a major project assessing parliament’s impact on public policy, which resulted in several academic publications including his co-authored book, Legislation at Westminster (Oxford University Press, 2017). He is also currently conducting doctoral research at Queen Mary University of London, examining the role of Christian groups in UK government policymaking.

A complete list of his academic publications is available here.