Mile End Institute

The Great Sovereignty Debate

The Mile End Institute brought together key academics and campaigners from both sides of the EU referendum debate to discuss the role of sovereignty in Britain's relationship with Europe.  Funded by the ESRC’s UK in a Changing Europe initiative, the half day conference included contributions from John Redwood, Sir Stephen Wall, Sir Robert Worcester, Marina Wheeler QC and Professor John Charmley amongst others. 

Conference programme:

Summaries and videos of the panels:

  • Self-government for the UK - inside Europe or the world?
  • What is sovereignty?
  • Sovereignty - the public view

Background videos:

  • QMUL experts explain different understandings of sovereignty


  • Dr James Ellison: Sovereignty, Brexit and the Reason Britain Joined in the First Place
  • Professor John Charmley: A union in need of a moral vision
  • Dr Robert Saunders: Sovereignty, Brexit and Power: Lessons from 1975