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Britain and Europe: The Lessons from History

Britain and Europe

Dr Rob Saunders and Dr James Ellison of QMUL School of History brought together more than 30 high profile academics, politicians and policymakers for a one day conference placing the current EU referendum debate in its historical context. Funded by the ESRC’s UK in a Changing Europe fund and hosted at the British Academy, the conference included a keynote address from Rt Hon David Lidington, Minister for Europe.


Conference programme and videos:


  • Renegotiation strategy: then and now
  • Why did Britain join the EEC? A Revisionist View
  • Why has Europe been such a difficult subject for Britain?
  • What are the lessons of the 1974-5 renegotiations?
  • A Majority Attained by Fraud? The Government Information Unit and the 1975 Referendum
  • What can we learn from the 1975 campaign?
  • Lessons from the 1975 business campaign
  • What is the Role of Business in Britain's Relations with the EU?