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Mile End Institute

Projects and Publications

The Mile End Institute connects research, policy-making and public debate to deepen and challenge the understanding of British politics, governance and public policy.

Current Projects

What influences Londoners' wellbeing, and what can help?

With growing awareness that Londoners typically report lower levels of subjective wellbeing and higher levels of mental ill-health than those living elsewhere in England, this project aims to advance our understanding of the drivers of subjective wellbeing in the Capital and develop policy interventions alongside policymakers and practitioners from the GLA, London boroughs, and the NHS in London. 

This project is jointly led by Professor Patrick Diamond and Dr Elizabeth Simon, in partnership with the Centre for London. It will: 

  • provide an unprecedently detailed insight into the distribution and determinations of subjective wellbeing in London, through analysis of the British Household Panel and Understanding Society data. 
  • use these advances to engage with policymakers through three workshops to develop a set of evidence-based policy recommendations to improve overall wellbeing levels and reduce inequalities in wellbeing across the Capital.
  • disseminate our findings widely through a series of briefings with key stakeholders. 

Combatting Health Inequalities in East London

In our latest partnership with the Lifelong Health Team at QMUL, we are contributing to world-leading medical research and education about how best to tackle place-based health inequalities in East London. With stark inequalities in healthy life expectancy in Tower Hamlets and Newham, this exciting new project will reinforce the MEI and QMUL's commitment to our local area.

The East London Research Network

As part of QMUL's Civic University Agreement, the MEI is convening the University's new East London Research Network, which brings together researchers, students, campaigners, and the public to share research and innovation which is conducted in and has an impact on our local area. The ELRN seeks to ensure that QMUL continues to support 'healthy and sustainable futures' for the two million people who live in and around the East End.

Arts and Culture Advocacy Fellowships

In May 2022, in partnership with QMUL's Arts and Culture Team, we launched a three-year fellowship scheme establishing a coalition of advocates to work with QMUL academics to make the case for the arts and cultural sectors in London and across the United Kingdom as a whole. 

A Duty of Care: The MEI's Vision of the UK Post-Covid

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the MEI supported a number of projects exploring the impact that the pandemic had on the UK.

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