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Mile End Institute

Projects and Publications

The Mile End Institute connects research, policy-making and public debate to deepen and challenge the understanding of British politics, governance and public policy.

Current projects

The Great Sovereignty Debate

The Mile End Institute brought together key academics and campaigners from both sides of the EU referendum debate to discuss the role of sovereignty in Britain's relationship with Europe. Read more.

Flags of England and the Great Britain

English Votes for English Laws

This project analyses the implementation of the English Votes for English Laws initiative and its potential impact on the UK’s territorial structures. Read more.

Britain and Europe

Britain and Europe: The Lessons from History

We explored the historical context for the current debate on the UK’s membership of the EU in a one-day conference bringing together high profile academics, politicians and policymakers, including the Minister for Europe. Read more.

Rethinking Contemporary British Political History

This series of workshops and seminars map new directions in the study of British Government and politics of the recent past. The project focuses on oral history, the digital archive, and the media. Read more.

Panorama of Manchester

Devolution in England

In partnership with the Local Government Information Unit, we are undertaking an innovative analysis of the devolution of powers to Greater Manchester, examining the impact on local decision making of this radical policy experiment. Read more.

Policy Fellowships

The Mile End Institute is a founding member of the CSaP Policy Fellowships Affiliate Network, aimed at creating useful and lasting connections between policy-makers and researchers. Read more.