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For the U.K.'s Jewish Voters, an Upside Down Choice in the upcoming General Election

Professor Tim Bale has noted how British Jews are "clearly very worried about Jeremy Corbyn and the direction of the Labour Party". In an article written by Thomas K. Grose for U.S. News


Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn with John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer  

Historically, British Jews have largely tended to vote Labour, though some Jews began drifting to the Tories a few decades ago. “As Jewish voters settled in and some became more affluent, that began to translate to more voting Conservative,”. Professor Bale noted that “It’s been quite surreal, to see the Labour Party go from having a Jewish leader in 2015 to being a party in 2019 charged with being riddled with anti-Semitism.”

Read the full article here. 




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