Feature: The mission of a lifetime: Professor Carl Murray and Cassini, 27 years later
20 September 2017

The last images from the Cassini probe have been sent back to Earth, as its mission came to a fiery end in the skies of Saturn. Cassini’s images have provided fundamental insight into the enigmatic planet’s secrets for astronomers from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). Professor Carl Murray, from the School of Physics and Astronomy and the only UK member of Cassini Imaging Team, reflects on his time as a scientist on the mission.

Feature: QMUL’s Department of Drama uses performance to support young people in care
13 July 2017

A performance and theatre project from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), explores the narrative of young people in care and helps them turn their experiences into theatre.

Feature: QMUL is in the top ten for graduate starting salaries
28 September 2015

One of the leading university guides has found that graduates from QMUL have one of the top average starting salaries of anyone in the UK.

Feature: Professor of Surgery knighted in New Year’s Honours
7 January 2015

Professor Norman Williams of Queen Mary University of London has been awarded a knighthood in the 2015 New Year’s Honours for services to surgery.

Feature: QMUL researcher conducts experiments with Science Museum visitors
5 December 2014

Londoners are notorious for avoiding eye contact with each other but how bad are we really? That’s one of the things visitors to the Science Museum can currently help to find out if they take part in an experiment being run by QMUL and UCL researchers to learn how long people can comfortably make eye contact with someone else.

Feature: Latin London and every day urban violence
16 October 2014

Robbery on buses, hijacked delivery vehicles, muggings on the street, and demands for protection money. This is every day urban violence; a quiet epidemic which plagues Latin American cities.

The 50th anniversary party in the Lake District Feature: Alumni celebrate 50 years of football and friendship
12 September 2014

A group of Queen Mary University of London alumni, brought together in the 1960s by their love of football, have just celebrated their 50th “old boys” sports tour.

Makoto Kobayashi accepting a copy of the book News story: Physics Nobel Prize winners attend conference at QMUL
18 July 2014

A conference marking 50 years since the discovery of CP violation, a tiny difference between matter and antimatter that is vital for our existence, was held at Queen Mary University of London on 10-11 July.