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Match girl strikers of 1888 Audio: History of radical and inspiring women of east London
4 April 2014

From the poor female match factory workers who downed tools in protest at their ill-treatment, to the suffragettes who faced brutality and hunger strikes to give women the votes, east London has an interesting history of women who sacrificed so much for better rights and equality. I'm Emma Lowry and in this podcast I'll be speaking to Dr Nadia Valman and Dr Alastair Owens about those stories.

Audio: Living British Cinema: What's the most iconic film of all time?
21 March 2014A celebration of iconic UK film and culture – from Indo-British classics to horror masterpieces - will be held at Queen Mary University of London from 26-28 March. 
Audio: 12 Years a Slave: Best Film?
17 February 2014

Historical film epic, 12 Years a Slave, tells the harrowing true story of Solomon Northup who was sold into slavery in the 1850s - despite being a free citizen of New York. Film and American history experts at Queen Mary University of London discuss the award-winning screen adaptation and original book.

Audio: The Oscars 2014: our predictions
7 February 2014

Film scholars, Dr Mark Glancy, Matt Jacobsen and Dr Lucy Bolton discuss the shortlisted contenders in this year's Academy Awards.

Photo credit: Theron Trowbridge Audio: 3D films just a fad or here to stay?
11 December 2013

3D movies have seen a resurgence in popularity over recent years with the release of Avatar and Gravity, but is this just a passing phase or is the future bright?

Audio: A guide to interviewing
11 December 2013

Professor Sean Mcconville and Dr Anna Bryson have written a guide book on interviewing. The pair have extensive experience of conducting interviews with people from all walks of life from political offenders to homemakers who have been involved in the Irish Peace Process.

Audio: Hollywood and the Americanization of British Audiences
9 December 2013

In this new book, Dr Glancy explores the impact and influence that Hollywood films have had in Britain, and the extent to which their American qualities have been regarded as appealing or alienating.  

Photo credit: Archives de la Ville de Montreal Audio: Dr Clive Gabay on the lasting legacy of Nelson Mandela
6 December 2013

Nelson Mandela, the South African icon of Anti-Apartheid has died aged 95. Here Dr Clive Gabay, lecturer in politics, talks to Sam Philpott about his lasting legacy.