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Queen Mary alumnus launches new mental health app

Dr Nick Prior, NHS psychiatrist and former student at Queen Mary University of London has launched the ‘Minderful’ app to make mental fitness accessible and engaging.

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Minderful contains a library of mental fitness ideas which people can explore and find something of interest to them. There are a range of different suggestions on offer, from a digital detox to going for a wild swim.

Once users have found any number of ideas that appeal to them, they are provided a 10-step plan to give them motivation and inspiration. This might include hearing from someone who has done it themselves and their tips and advice, or the ability to add a buddy to support them through their specific activity.

The app is designed to provide help that is bespoke and personal to whoever is looking for support. In time, it helps build a unique mental fitness routine. As Dr Prior knows from his work and research, this approach is needed given that the mind itself is unique and individual.

Dr Prior said: “I’m no stranger to battling mental illness myself, and one of the big reasons for creating this app is that I don’t want others to go through some of the experiences that I’ve had. The mentally fitter the population becomes, the more mental illness we can prevent.

“Much of the app is focused on prevention, which a lot of the time is the best cure. And with the well-publicised impacts of the pandemic on mental health, alongside the darker side of social media, I think it’s important to do something proactive and be conscious of taking good care of ourselves.

“Too many people have struggled silently for too long. We need to get practical and accessible good mental health into people’s daily lives to prevent mental illness and to be part of the recovery process.”

Dr Prior completed his studies at Queen Mary in 2017, graduating as a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery.

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The app is available from the app store (iOS only for now):

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