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Queen Mary physicist awarded Future Leaders Fellowship

A researcher from Queen Mary’s School of Physics and Astronomy has been selected by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) to receive a Future Leaders Fellowship.

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Dr Jan Mol
Dr Jan Mol

Dr Jan Mol has been identified as one of the UK’s future leaders at the cutting-edge of research. His research focuses on overcoming the world’s energy challenges by molecular scale heat engines and refrigerators.

Future Leaders Fellowships are helping universities and businesses in the UK recruit, train and retain the world’s best researchers and innovators, regardless of their background. They can apply for up to £1.2 million over four years, with the ability to extend to up to seven years.

Bring together a world-leading team

Dr Mol, Senior Lecturer, said: "Having received the UKRI’s future leader fellowship is a big deal for me.

“It will enable me to bring together a world-leading team working on the forefront of one of the hottest topics in the field of molecular electronics: converting heat into electricity.

“We will explore the intricate relations between quantum mechanics and thermodynamics, and develop energy harvesting nanomaterials that could outperform any existing material."

Propelling the next generation of researchers

The funding will propel the next generation of researchers as they lead cutting-edge projects; from developing rapid diagnostic methods to identify antibiotic resistance in infections, to increasing the value of archaeology to society, to miniaturising the latest microscopy technologies.

Professor Sir Mark Walport, UK Research and Innovation’s Chief Executive, said: “The Future Leaders Fellowships will enable the most promising researchers and innovators to become leaders in their fields, working on subjects as diverse as climate change, dementia and quantum computing.

“UKRI is committed to creating modern research and innovation careers and our Future Leaders Fellowships aim to support and retain the most talented people, including those with flexible career paths.”

Applications for round four of the Futures Leaders Fellowships are now open and UKRI is particularly encouraging applications hosted by, or collaborating with, businesses.

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