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Professor of Organisational Psychology inducted to the Hall of Fame

Professor Rob Briner of Queen Mary’s School of Business and Management was recognised for his outstanding contribution as he was welcomed into the Human Resources Most Influential (HRMI) Hall of Fame.

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Rob Briner
Rob Briner

Having topped the HRMI thinkers list in 2017 and as a stalwart of the top five over recent years, Professor Briner was praised for his tireless work ensuring practitioners understand evidence-based human resources (HR) and how to embed it day to day. The concept has now been included in the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s new ‘Profession Map’, launched in November 2018.

His research has focused on topics including wellbeing, emotions, ethnicity, the psychological contract, absence from work, and motivation.

It’s truly an honour

On receiving his spot in the HRMI Hall of Fame, Professor Briner said: "I'm not going to leave anyone alone until the idea (of evidence-based HR) gets a bit more traction.

“Over the next few years I'm planning to spend a little less time in the University and more time working with practitioners. It's truly an honour, thank you."

Beyond academia

Beyond academic research Briner helps practitioners and organisations make better use of evidence (including research evidence) in decision-making. He also encourages academics to make their research more accessible. He has written for and presented to practitioners on many aspects of HR and organisational psychology and is now involved in many initiatives aimed at developing and promoting evidence-based practice.

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