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Queen Mary alumna recognised as an influential UK voice for second year

A Queen Mary University of London alumna has been listed as one of LinkedIn’s 25 ‘top voices’ in the UK.  This is the second year Alexandra Galviz, who graduated with a BA in French in 2013, has been featured on the list.

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In 2016, Ms Galviz started blogging on LinkedIn under the name ‘AuthenticAlex’. She tackles issues from mental health and work-life balance to social media branding and launching a career.

Ms Galviz also teaches people and businesses how to get noticed on LinkedIn, grow their personal brand and use the platform to achieve their goals. In between, she works with training apprentices, graduates and interns, creating digital content and giving key note talks at graduate fairs and social mobility events.

Honest and open approach

Ms Galviz claims every single thing that a person would be scared of sharing publicly, she’s either written, videoed or spoken about.

She explains: “The reason I have chosen to share stories and discuss my difficulties is because in doing so we can disarm some of the social conventions that keep these topics taboo. To be honest and open within a professional networking platform is how to develop working practices that value human individuality.”

Galviz told LinkedIn that she does her best writing on the go, so her iPhone’s note app has been invaluable: “I frequently have a long list of notes with half-finished ideas, thoughts or ramblings.”

LinkedIn Top Voices

LinkedIn Top Voices is a list put together by LinkedIn that looks at the metrics, data, engagement and following of all its users to see who are the most influential writers and content creators. With 20 million users in the UK, the top 25 are highlighted annually and promoted throughout their networks.

Katie Carroll, Managing Editor at LinkedIn, explains: “To find standout voices, we use a combination of data and editorial signals. We screen for engagement among professionals sharing in their area of expertise, looking at what kind of conversations – measured by engagement, including comments and re-shares – their original content is creating.

“Finally, we emphasize quality and diversity; the list should reflect the world we work in. All activity measured took place over a 12-month period, from mid-September 2017 to mid-September 2018.”

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