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Queen Mary welcomes new Visiting Fellows from around the world

Queen Mary University of London is set to host three British Academy Visiting Fellows from Belgium, Nigeria and Canada.

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British Academy Visiting Fellowships provide outstanding academics based in any country overseas – and active at any career stage – with the opportunity to work at a UK higher education or research institution of their choice for up to six months.

Professor Adrian Smith, Dean for Research at Queen Mary said: "Queen Mary University of London has a vibrant research community and we are delighted to welcome our Visiting Fellows who will contribute to our innovative work across the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Visiting Fellows from the British Academy have a choice of which institution they will work with, we are honoured that they have chosen Queen Mary."

Queen Mary’s Visiting Fellows

Aikaterini Florou comes from Belgium and will be based in the School of Law at Queen Mary. Aikaterini’s research will focus on the role and challenges of arbitration as the new dominant mechanism for the resolution of disputes between the UK and foreign investors in a post-Brexit context.

Monsuru Muritala is from Nigeria and will be working in the School of History at Queen Mary. Monsuru’s research will explore the connection between World War II and the riots that broke out in the town of Ilesa in Western Nigeria in 1941. The work, using a range of both primary and secondary sources, provides an interpretation of the consequences of World War II on identity and intergroup relations in colonial Nigeria.

Karsten Steinhauer comes from Canada and will be based at the School of Languages, Linguistics and Film. Karsten’s work brings together cognitive neuroscientists with linguists to explore the neuroscience of language. As part of the Visiting Fellowship, Dr Steinhauer will give a 5-day ‘hands-on’ workshop before developing two studies with bilingual and monolingual participants.

About the British Academy Visiting Fellowships

This year the British Academy has awarded 89 Visiting Fellowships of up to £33,0000, bringing the combined total to £2.1million.

The Visiting Fellows come from 34 different countries, and from every continent of the world. The 89 Visiting Fellowships will link overseas academics with 43 different UK institutions, ranging from Russell Group institutions to post-1992 universities.

More information

To find out more about the British Academy Visiting Fellowships Programme please visit the website.

Read the research abstracts of Queen Mary’s Visiting Fellows here.