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Queen Mary researcher recognised for work in a UN award-winning leadership programme

A researcher from Queen Mary University of London has won an award for his support of students who are on the ParliaMentors scheme, a UN award-winning leadership programme.

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The Palace of Westminster
The Palace of Westminster

Richard Huddleson (Riocárd Ó hOddail) is currently completing a PhD in Catalan Studies in the School of Languages Linguistics and Film. Richard completed the ParliaMentors scheme in 2014 and has now been recognised with an award for his support of students currently undertaking the programme.

Mentoring the leaders of tomorrow

ParliaMentors is a leadership programme where teams of university students of different faiths and non-religious beliefs collaborate to create social change while being mentored by MPs.

Richard said: “I am delighted to have received this award in recognition of my contribution to the ParliaMentors programme and it has been a real pleasure mentoring some of the leaders of tomorrow.

Hearing from different ParliaMentors and seeing them bring about real, lasting change in their communities, both on and off campus, has been uplifting and inspiring.

I strongly believe that the many values acquired through the ParliaMentors programme are sorely needed across civil and political society, as the work carried out by The Faith & Belief Forum is vital for delivering us unto a world that is built around the core values of respect and understanding.”

Productive and lasting relations between faiths

Since 2007, over 450 people have graduated from the programme and now form an alumni network, continuing to engage in the many opportunities on offer to former participants.

Richard provides support to students currently undertaking the programme by taking time to discuss their projects, highlighting any issues, signposting different opportunities, and by helping participants think about their next steps after the programme.

The ParliaMentors scheme is run by The Faith & Belief Forum which aims to create productive and lasting relations between people of different faiths and beliefs.

ParliaMentors scheme at Queen Mary

Queen Mary is one of ten participating universities in the ParliaMentors scheme. This year, five Queen Mary students took part in the programme working on a social action project centred in the local community, whilst being mentored by a local MP, Stephen Timms.

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