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article News story: Elusive spintronics success could lead to single chip for processing and memory
6, December , 2010

Researchers from Queen Mary, University of London (UK) and the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) have shown that a magnetically polarised current can be manipulated by electric fields.

article News story: FReD can help explain how a bee sees
13, December , 2010

Bees can see colours but they perceive the world differently to us, including variations in hue that we cannot ourselves distinguish.

article News story: Online guitar tutorial to set your performance on fire
15, October , 2010

Budding guitar heroes can get a helping hand from hot new online tutorials created by audio engineers at Queen Mary, University of London.

article News story: Warmer ecosystems could absorb less atmospheric carbon dioxide
30, June , 2010

Research by scientists at Queen Mary, University of London has found that a predicted rise in global temperature of 4°C by 2100 could lead to a 13% reduction in ecosystems' ability to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.

article News story: Britain’s headwater streams continue to improve
4, February , 2010

Research from Queen Mary, University of London on the state of Britain’s streams is published in a new report today by the Countryside Survey partnership.

article News story: 'There is no substitute for top class education' Dianne Abbott MP tells school students visiting Queen Mary
23, June , 2010

Labour politician Diane Abbott was welcomed to Queen Mary, University of London today Wednesday 23 June 2010.

article News story: First citizen cyberscience summit held in London
3, September , 2010

Citizen cyberscience is a growing trend where ordinary people use their computers and the world wide web to contribute in meaningful ways to an increasingly wide range of scientific challenges. Citizen cyberscience activity takes place all over the world and by its very nature participants very rarely – if ever – meet. But now, for the first time, a Citizen Cyberscience Summit in London has brought them together to showcase new projects and to provide a platform for scientists and citizens to share their thoughts on the impact of citizen cyberscience face-to-face.

article News story: Spot the difference predicts model of human visual attention
18, June , 2010

In a computerized game of 'spot the difference', people are more likely to notice things added or removed than even major changes in colour.

article News story: Cassini sees giant snowballs form in Saturn ring
20, July , 2010

New pictures from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft show giant 20 kilometre (12 mile)-wide snowballs forming in Saturn's fifth ring (the F ring).

article News story: Top awards for plastic and ceramic research at Queen Mary
26, April , 2010

Two top scientific prizes have been awarded to academics from the School of Engineering and Materials Science at Queen Mary University of London.

article News story: National Science and Engineering Week arrives at Queen Mary
22, March , 2010

Queen Mary, University of London welcomed over 200 pupils from eight schools across the region, as part of our festivities for National Science & Engineering Week 2010.

article News story: Pulling power points the way to the World’s strongest insect
24, March , 2010

Following months of gruelling tests and trials, scientists now reveal the World's strongest insect to be a species of dung beetle called Onthophagus taurus.

article News story: Dr Paul Curzon awarded prestigious National Teaching Fellowship
28, June , 2010

Dr Paul Curzon, from the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary, University of London, has been appointed as a National Teaching Fellow by the Higher Education Academy.

article News story: Scientists comment on Nobel Prize in Physics 2010
5, October , 2010

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2010 has been awarded today to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, of the University of Manchester, "for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene".

article News story: Dolphin and bat DNA on the same wavelength
26, January , 2010

Scientists at Queen Mary, University of London have shown that the remarkable ability of echolocation is shared by bats and dolphins at a much deeper level than anyone previously realised – all the way down to the molecular level.

article News story: Queen Mary science ambassador commended for infectious enthusiasm
28, June , 2010

Dr Genoveva Esteban has been highly commended for her "infectious enthusiasm" and dedication in igniting the next generation's passion for science.

article News story: HiFi(rst)! Queen Mary scientists kick off experiments at new spectrometer
2, February , 2010

Physicists from Queen Mary, University of London have become the first users of the latest instrument at ISIS, the UK's world leading physical and life sciences research laboratory.

article News story: Flight ban lifts following volcanic ash scare
21, April , 2010

Aeronautical engineer Dr Ranjan Vepa comments on the lifting of flight restrictions following Iceland's volcanic eruption and Europe-wide ash cloud.

article News story: Professor Peter Kalmus becomes an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Physics
30, June , 2010

Emeritus Professor of Physics at Queen Mary, University of London, Peter I P Kalmus OBE, has been made an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Physics.

article News story: Scientists hope Cosmic Vision will find distant planets
16, July , 2010

The UK Space Agency has awarded £3.65million to help scientists prepare for three new space missions, including one hoping to find Earth-like planets in deep space, supported by Queen Mary, University of London.

article News story: Sea-creatures' sex protein provides new insight into diabetes
22, March , 2010

A genetic accident in the sea more than 500 million years ago has provided new insight into diabetes, according to research from Queen Mary, University of London.

article News story: Introducing the good food guide for cockroaches
4, June , 2010

Ever wondered how cockroaches seem to know the best place to grab a meal? New research at Queen Mary, University of London suggests that, just like humans, they share their local knowledge of the best food sources and follow 'recommendations' from others.

article News story: Honorary Fellowship awarded to government Chief Scientific Advisor
23, July , 2010

Queen Mary, University of London celebrates distinguished government scientist Professor Robert (Bob) Watson who becomes an Honorary Fellow of the College today, 23 July 2010.

article News story: Scientists find amazing new pondlife on nature reserve
12, January , 2010

One year in to a project to save one of the UK’s top sites for pondlife, amazing new species are being revealed for the first time. Scientists from Queen Mary, University of London working with Dorset Wildlife Trust have discovered an astonishing variety of minute aquatic organisms, so small as to be invisible to the naked eye.

article News story: Orion in a new light
10, February , 2010

The hidden secrets of the Orion Nebula are revealed in a dramatic image taken by the new VISTA telescope.

article News story: How do bumblebees get predators to buzz off?
26, May , 2010

Bumblebees' distinctive black and yellow "warning" colours may not be what protects them from flying predators researchers have found.

article News story: Even bees need a break
29, June , 2010

Bees observe strict working hours even when the sun shines all day and night, according to new research from Queen Mary, University of London.

article News story: World's first global graffiti-jam at London Design Festival
23, September , 2010

A new iPhone app has underground creatives splashing 3D graffiti on a giant screen in Tent Digital at Tent London as part of the London Design Festival this week 23 - 26 September 2010.

article News story: I'm a Scientist, get me out of here!
25, June , 2010

Researcher Dr Ben Still has come out on top in I'm a Scientist, get me out of here!, a unique competition, combining science, excited school kids and X Factor style voting.

article News story: Hello? Is there anybody out there?
16, March , 2010

As part of a new exhibition exploring the relationship between science and society, designers working with researchers from the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London are asking probing questions about our future world of sound and what impact it will have on our acoustic culture.

article News story: Farnborough Airshow is launch pad for winners of OurSpace national schools' competition
23, July , 2010

The Grand Prize winners of the UK OurSpace competition were announced today on Futures Day at the Farnborough International Airshow 2010.

article News story: Physics department at Queen Mary in national top-ten
8, June , 2010

Queen Mary, University of London’s Department of Physics has been ranked second in London and seventh nationwide in The Guardian’s annual university guide, jumping eight places in a year.

article News story: Scientists catch sunburn in whales
10, November , 2010

Whales exhibit skin damage consistent with acute sunburn in humans, and it seems to be getting worse over time, reveals research published this week.

article News story: Rare bat found in oil palm plantation's oasis
9, November , 2010

The discovery of a rare bat species in a tiny fragment of rainforest surrounded by an oil palm plantation has demonstrated that even small areas of forest are worth saving.

article News story: Tiny brained bees solve a complex mathematical problem
25, October , 2010

Bumblebees can find the solution to a complex mathematical problem which keeps computers busy for days.

article News story: International Fellowship award to develop wearable computers
12, March , 2010

Dr Rui Yang from Queen Mary's School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science has beaten off stiff competition to be appointed one of only 50 Newton International Fellows.

article News story: Queen Mary, University of London and Microsoft join forces in unique research collaboration
22, March , 2010

Byron Cook has taken up a new position at Queen Mary, University of London as one facet of an agreement between Microsoft Research Ltd and Queen Mary's School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.

article News story: Mathematical formula predicts clear favourite for the FIFA World Cup
9, July , 2010

A sophisticated new analysis of team tactics predicts a Spanish win in Sunday's FIFA World Cup final and also shows why England were beaten by Germany.

article News story: Exotic flowers help bees stay busy in winter
5, March , 2010

Recent years have seen an unusual rise in the number of bees about in the cold winter months, and scientists are now beginning to find out why.

article News story: Honest deer every year
9, April , 2010

A male deer's voice changes from one mating season to the next, reflecting his age and rank in society, according to new research from Queen Mary, University of London.

article News story: Trumping the trumpets: how audio engineering helps tone down vuvuzela disruption
18, June , 2010

Thanks to researchers at the Centre for Digital Music (C4DM) at Queen Mary, University of London, anyone watching the World Cup on their computer can now filter out the droning sounds of vuvuzela playing in South Africa's stadiums.

article News story: Bees see super colour at super speed
17, March , 2010

Bees see the world almost five times faster than humans, according to new research from scientists at Queen Mary, University of London.

article News story: Synthetic bone graft recruits stem cells for faster bone healing
2, August , 2010

Scientists have developed a material for bone grafts that could one day replace the 'gold standard' natural bone implants.

article News story: Mathematics: It's a kind of magic
4, February , 2010

The Manual of Mathematical Magic - a unique kit of magical miracles to impress and entertain your friends written by Queen Mary's Matt Parker and Peter McOwan - is being distributed to schools around the country.

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