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Careers support for Mathematical Sciences students at Queen Mary has its own QMplus page (link is external). We also offer professional accreditation and exemptions (link is external).

Below you will find information on what mathematics graduates have gone on to do and the resources and support available to you whilst an undergraduate with us. In this video you can hear from one of our careers consultants, Abi Sharma, about what support is available for our Mathematical Sciences undergraduates.

Mathematics Graduates

Some students entering university know what career they want to go into but the reality is that many don't, so there's no need to worry if you're not sure what you want to do. The most important thing to remember is that when you graduate with your mathematics degree you'll have a set of skills that employers will find very desirable, namely:

  • excellent analytical abilities;
  • the ability to work independently;
  • highly developed numerical skills;
  • effective communication skills;
  • the ability to apply mathematical modelling to the real world;
  • practical computational skills.

These skills are in great demand by employers and you will have the potential for high earnings in the course of your career. The average starting salary for our mathematics graduates is around £23,500 (Source: DLHE 2015) and is higher than the average for all subjects. Unlike graduates in more vocational disciplines, mathematicians are not limited to one specific area of employment. For example, mathematics graduates can be found in

academic research • aerospace • biotechnology • business and finance • chemicals • computing • construction • defence • electronics • energy • environment • health care • management • marketing • materials • pharmaceuticals • retail • teaching • transport

The two guides below have been produced for the benefit of our students. One looks at the impact of mathematics beyond the subject itself and provides a clear link from the syllabus to applications in a range of different industries whilst the other is primarily Queen Mary Mathematical Sciences alumni talking about their careers and/or postgraduate study. You can also find advice from employers in this series of videos (link is external).

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