School of Mathematical Sciences


Our research in statistics is at the interface between methodology and applications, because developing statistical methods which are of practical use is essential to influence the discipline of Statistics, as well as other scientific disciplines, policy makers and industry.

Research themes

High-dimensional multivariate statistical modelling
Dr Griffin, Dr Liverani

Applied Bayesian statistical inference
Dr Coad, Dr Liverani, Dr Pettit

Statistical models for infectious diseases and spatio-temporal modelling
Dr Griffin, Dr Liverani

Adaptive designs in clinical trials
Dr Coad

Design and analysis of computer experiments
Dr Maruri-Aguilar

Complex network inference and analysis
Dr Bianconi, Prof Latora, Dr Nicosia

Members of the Statistics group

Dr Steve Coad
Reader in Statistics

Dr Jamie Griffin
Lecturer in Applied Probability

Dr Silvia Liverani
Senior Lecturer in Statistics

Dr Hugo Maruri-Aguilar
Lecturer in Statistics

Dr Lawrence Pettit
Reader in Statistics

Dr William Yoo
Lecturer in Statistics

Affiliate members

Prof Rosemary Bailey Emerita Professor of Statistics
Dr Ginestra Bianconi Reader in Applied Mathematics
Prof Stephen Gilmour Emeritus Professor of Statistics
Prof Vito Latora Professor in Applied Mathematics (Complex Systems)
Dr Vincenzo Nicosia Lecturer in Networks and Data Analysis






PhD students in Statistics

Shaoxiong Hu Under the supervision of Dr Hugo Maruri-Aguilar
Ashna Mohammad Under the supervision of Dr Steve Coad
Ayon Mukherjee Under the supervision of Dr Steve Coad
Asma Farid Under the supervision of Dr Hugo Maruri-Aguilar
Polychronis Kemos Under the supervision of Prof Nick Croft (Blizard Institute) and Dr Silvia Liverani
Marco Gramatica Under the supervision of Dr Silvia Liverani and Prof Peter Congdon (School of Geography)
Abeer Althobety Under the supervision of Dr Steve Coad







We have strategic links with:

as well as a range of collaborators from other scientific disciplines and from industry.

News and events

We hold a regular seminar series in Statistics during term time.

PhD Opportunities

The group members offer PhD projects in Statistics. Funding is available.


PIFunding bodyYearsAmountTitle
Dr Liverani Alan Turing Institute 2018-2020   Fellowship of the Alan Turing Institute
Dr Liverani US Department of Agriculture 2017-2020 $130,000 Genetically-Informed Envirotyping Tools To Better Match Test And Target Environments
Dr Maruri Aguilar Rolls Royce 2016-2017 £100,000 SILOET-11 WP6.0
Dr Maruri Aguilar EPSRC 2013-2014 £30,000 Persistent homology in statistical model building


(Images from Griffin et al. in Lancet Infectious Diseases, 16:4 (2016) p 465-472 and Okell et al. in Nature communications 3 (2012): 1237.)