School of Mathematical Sciences

Seminars and Events


The Complex Systems and Networks group provides a forum for interaction and discussion at the current forefront of research. There is a very active weekly seminar series under the heading Complex Systems Seminar, covering topics in Complex Systems and Networks, Dynamical Systems and Statistical Physics. This is hold jointly with the Dynamical Systems and Statistical Physics Group.

In fact both groups have overlapping research interests and together form one of the largest groups in the UK working on statistical mechanics aspects of complex systems. See the Current Schedule of the Complex System seminar


WORKSHOP ON COMPUTATIONAL SOCIAL SCIENCES(link is external) (School of Mathematical Sciences, QMUL, 16/10/2016)

Third workshop of the The CSS Initiative London(link is external).
Speakers include: Dr. Luca Aiello (Computational Social Science research, Bell Labs, Cambridge), Dr. Elsa Arcaute (CASA, UCL), Prof. Giulia Iori (School of Arts and Social Sciences, City University), Prof. Felix Reed-Tsochas (Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Complexity, Risk and Resilience, University of Oxford)


WORKSHOP ON NETWORK GEOMETRY(link is external) (QMUL, 16/07/2015)

One day workshop organised by Dr. Ginestra Bianconi (QMUL) and Dr. Christoph Rahmede (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), aimed at bringing together the Complex Network and Quantum Gravity communities to discuss the common mathematical questions arising in the geometrical description of networks.