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School of Mathematical Sciences

Our PhD graduates

Our PhD graduates

We are proud of our many wonderful PhD graduates who are working in many places within academia and beyond. Here are the most recent ones.


  • Sandro Ferreira-Sousa (graduated 2022)

Thesis: Quantifying spatial heterogeneity and urban segregation on networks through diffusion

Supervisor: Vincenzo Nicosia

Currently: Postdoctoral Research Assistant in the Networks, Data and Society Research Group, at ITU Copenhagen


  • Ye Sun (graduated 2022)

Thesis: The Evolution of Knowledge Sharing, Interdisciplinary Research and Funding in Modern Science

Supervisor: Vito Latora


  • Daniele Petrone (graduated 2021)

Thesis: Artificial intelligence and network theory applied to financial systemic risk management

Supervisor: Vito Latora


  • Andrea Santoro (graduated 2021)

Thesis: Optimisation and information-theoretic principles in multiplex networks

Supervisor: Vincenzo Nicosia

Currently: Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute of Bioengineering at EPFL, Geneva


  • Iacopo Iacopini (graduated 2020)

Thesis: Modelling the social dynamics of contagion and discovery using dynamical processes on complex networks

Supervisor: Vito Latora

Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Network and Data Science, Central European University


  • Ryan Flanagan (graduated 2020)

Thesis: Network Theory Approaches for the Analysis of Ordered Data

Supervisor: Lucas Lacasa


  • Own Courtney (graduated 2019)

Thesis: Statistical Mechanics of Simplicial Complexes

Supervisor: Ginestra Bianconi

Currently: Data Scientist at the Financial Conduct Authority


  • Oliver Williams (graduated 2019)

Thesis: Temporal networks and the effects of memory

Supervisor: Vito Latora

Currently: Financial Engineer at ALPIMA Ltd


  • Valerio Ciotti (graduated 2017)

Thesis: Positive and negative connections and homophily in complex networks

Supervisor: Vito Latora and Pietro Panzarasa


  • Jacopo Iacovacci (graduated 2017)

Thesis: Motif formation and emergence of mesoscopic structure in complex networks

Supervisor: Lucas Lacasa and Ginestra Bianconi


  • Federico Battiston (graduated 2017)

Thesis: The structure and dynamics of multiplex networks

Supervisor: Vito Latora

Currently: Assistant Professor in Network Science, Central European University


  • Moreno Bonaventura (graduated 2017)

Thesis: Shortest paths to success: Network indicators of performance in innovation ecosystems

Supervisor: Vito Latora

Currently: Machine Learning Engineer at InReach Ventures


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