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School of Mathematical Sciences

Miss Marica Minucci


Postgraduate Research Student

Room Number: MB-402
Twitter: @MarMinucci


Marica is a second year PhD student in Mathematical Relativity. Her research is focused on studying the behaviour of the Maxwell-scalar field system near spatial infinity. The main purpose of the analysis is to learn how to deal with the nonlinear features of this system.

She is also working on another project related to the properties of Schwarzshild-de Sitter spacetimes. The aim of this research is to show that conformal methods can be used to obtain stability results for this class of spacetimes.

Both of these projects are joint work with her supervisor Dr Juan Valiente-Kroon.

Before starting her PhD at Queen Mary, she obtained a BSc and an MSc in Theoretical Physics at University of Naples Federico II.

Marica is also one of the joint organisers of Queen Mary University Internal Postgraduate Seminar (QuIPS).


Spring 2019/2020

Marking - MTH5113 - Introduction to Differential Geometry


Autumn 2020/2021

TA - MTH5123 - Differential Equations

TA - MTH4100/MTH4200 - Calculus I

Marking - MTH5123 - Differential Equations


Spring 2020/2021

TA - MTH4101/MTH4201 - Calculus II

TA - MTH4115/MTH4215 - Vectors and Matrices

Marking - MTH5103 - Complex Variables



Giampiero Esposito and Marica Minucci. "A new perspective on the Ermakov-Pinney and scalar wave equations." Letters in High Energy Physics 2.3 (2019): 5-5.

Marica Minucci and Juan Antonio Valiente Kroon. "A conformal approach to the stability of Einstein spaces with spatial sections of negative scalar curvature." Classical and Quantum Gravity (2021).