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School of Mathematical Sciences

Alistair Miller


Postgraduate Research Student

Room Number: Mathematical Sciences Building, Room: MB-402


Ali is a PhD student working in the area of C*-algebras under the supervision of Xin Li. His research interests include operator K-theory and C*-algebras built from or carrying actions of algebraic structures like groups, semigroups and inverse semigroups.

Before Queen Mary, Ali studied at the University of Cambridge for his BA and MMath.




Research Interests:

Ali is interested in the interaction between √©tale groupoids, C*-algebras and operator K-theory. C*-algebras are algebras of operators with a topological flavour whose K-theory is an important algebraic invariant. √Čtale groupoids are a type of topological dynamical system from which we can construct C*-algebras, which cover an extremely large class of C*-algebras. You can read about his more specific interests on his personal website.

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