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School of Mathematical Sciences

Diego Millan Berdasco


Postgraduate Research Student

Room Number: Mathematical Sciences Building, Room: MB-402



Diego is currently a PhD student at Queen Mary University of London under the supervision of Dr. Matthew Fayers. The title of his research project is “Decomposition numbers for symmetric groups”, which lies in the interface of representation theory and algebraic combinatorics.

Diego Millan Berdasco completed his undergraduate studies in Mathematics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (BSc, 2016), with a dissertation on Galois Theory titled “How to Obtain the Solution of the Solvable Quintics?”.  He also spent a semester studying at the University of Bristol under an Erasmus+ grant.

In October 2021, Diego will start a postdoctoral position at QMUL (funded by EPSRC).


Diego is a Teaching Associate and a Demonstrator at the School of Mathematical Sciences across the BSc Mathematics syllabus. This involves a number of teaching related tasks such as running tutorials and support sessions, supporting academic staff and marking and assessing students work and exams.



Semester II:

  • Probability and Statistics I (MTH4116)
  • Coding Theory (MTH6018)

Semester I:

  • Calculus I (MTH4100/4200)
  • Differential Equations (MTH5123)



Semester II:

  • Introduction to Algebra (MTH4104)
  • Discrete Mathematics (SEF015)
  • Vectors and Matrices (MTH4115/MTH4215)
  • Coding Theory (MTH6018)
  • Calculus II (MTH4101/MTH4201)

Semester I:

  • Cryptography (MTH615)
  • Calculus I (MTH4100/4200)
  • Numbers, Sets and Functions (MTH4113)



Semester II:

  • Probability and Statistics I (MTH4116)
  • Complex Variables (MTH5103)
  • Introduction to Algebra (MTH4104)

Semester I:

  • Cryptography (MTH615)
  • Introduction to Probability (MTH4107) 
  • Computing and Data Analysis with Excel (MTH4114)
  • Linear Algebra I (MTH5112)



Semester II:

  • Differential and Integral Analysis (MTH5105)

Semester I:

  • Introduction to Probability (MTH4107/4207)
  • Calculus I (MTH4100/4200)



Semester II:

  • Essential Mathematical Skills (MTH3100)
  • Introduction to Numerical Computing (MTH5110)


In addition to this, he has been a Teaching Associate at the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences since 2017, running tutorials for the modules Principles of Mathematics (SEF014), Mathematics I (SEF040) and Mathematics II (SEF041), which are part of the syllabus of the Science and Engineering Foundation Program.


Research Interests:

  • Representation theory of symmetric groups, Hecke and Schur algebras
  • Algebraic combinatorics
  • Computer algebra


In preparation

  • A new family of decomposition numbers
  • Maximum composition length of a weight three module



Public Engagement


Diego has supervised the Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclass 2019 series. 

He has spoken at graduate events on behalf of QMUL at the University of Oxofrd (2017) and the University of Cambridge (2019).

He design content and tutored at the QMUL Mathematics Summer School 2017.

He was also a co-organiser of "Atoms to Galaxies" strand of the Pint of Science festival  2017.

In addition, he has delivered outreach talks for various audiences, including at the Further Mathematics Support Programme and QMUL Graduate festival.