School of Mathematical Sciences

Lewis Mead

Postgraduate Research Student

Room Number: Mathematical Sciences Building, Room: MB-402


Lewis is a PhD student who started in October 2017 in the Geometry and Analysis group under the supervision of Michael Farber. He joined Queen Mary following the completion of his MMath degree at the University of Warwick and was also a research student at the London Mathematical Laboratory in the summer of 2017.
Lewis' main academic interests lie in the field of stochastic topology; more specifically in understanding and characterising the features of large random simplicial complexes. In the late 1950s Erdős and Rényi introduced a model to study random graphs and through the probabilitic method understand properties of deterministic graphs. The study of random simplicial complexes in some respects can be thought of as a generalisation of random graphs to higher dimensions. Their study is motivated by the potential applications to the modelling of large complex systems, or from a purely mathematical point of view they may be used to construct topological objects with interesting properties.