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School of Mathematical Sciences

Mr George Macaulay


Postgraduate Research Student

Room Number: Mathematical Sciences Building, MB-402


Research student in Geometry and Analysis. 

Supervisor: Dr Mahdi Godazgar



Queen Mary University London: PhD April 2019 - present

University of Cambridge: MMath 2017-2018

University of Cambridge: BA Mathematics 2014-2017


Research Interests:

Charges in asymptotically flat spacetimes:

Investigating the origin of existing asymptotic gravitational charges as well as developing ways of generating new charges and exploring the physical significance of such quantities in the context of black hole mechanics and gravitational memory.

Examples of research funding:

Royal Society Enhancement Award


June 2022 Gravitational memory effects and higher derivative actions


June 2022 Linear Newman Penrose charges as subleading BMS and dual BMS charges


April 2022 Higher derivative asymptotic charges and internal Lorentz symmetries


August 2020 BMS charges in polyhomogeneous spacetimes (Mahdi Godazgar and George Long)

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