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Mr lacopo lacopini


Postgraduate Research Student

Room Number: Queens’ Building, Room: W313. Currently based at The Alan Turing Institute, British Library NW1 2DB


Iacopo is a PhD Student in Mathematics at Queen Mary University of London, where he works within the Complex Systems and Networks Research Group, supervised by Vito Latora and Elsa Arcaute (Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, UCL). He is also collaborating with the Dynamical Systems and Statistical Physics Research Group, as part of the LoBaNet project. 

He is currently spending an enrichment year at The Alan Turing Institute, the UK national institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Iacopo's research interests include Complex Networks and Data Science, with a particular focus on spatial and social network and their application to the study of human behaviour in the urban environment. His main PhD project deals with the mathematical modelling of urban systems. He is also working on innovation dynamics, urban scaling laws, productivity for cities, power grids, social contagion and adoption processes, and reinforced random walks.



Iacopini, I., Milojević, S., & Latora, V. (2018). Network dynamics of innovation processes. Physical review letters, 120(4), 048301.

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