School of Mathematical Sciences

Vaibhav Kumar Jena

Vaibhav Kumar

Postgraduate Research Student

Room Number: Mathematical Sciences Building, Room: MB-402


Vaibhav is a 2nd year PhD student, working under the supervision of Dr Arick Shao. He works on control theory of wave equations in geometric settings. This involves working with ideas from PDEs, geometry, and functional analysis. A main part of the PhD is to generalise results in control theory to Lorentzian geometry backgrounds. 

Vaibhav completed his master's degree from IISER Kolkata in 2017. 


  • Fall 2017: Marker for MTH6140/Linear Algebra II
  • Spring 2018: TA and marker for MTH4103/MTH4203/Geometry I
  • Fall 2018: Demonstrator and marker for MTH6140/Linear Algebra II 
  • Spring 2019: TA and marker for MTH4201/Calculus II


Research Interests:

Control of wave equations in geometric settings, mainly in Lorentzian geometry.