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School of Mathematical Sciences

Sandro Sousa


Postgraduate Research Student

Room Number: Mathematical Sciences Building, Room: MB-402


Sandro is interested in emergent phenomena in complex systems, collective behaviour, segregation dynamics, urban transportation as well as their characterisation by complex networks and computational models.
His PhD research focus on modelling socio-economic segregation by complex networks, looking at spatial distribution, scale patterns and empirical data sets.
Previously he had worked as research associate in a project between Brazilian and British academics entitled RESOLUTION (REsilient Systems fOr Land Use TransportatION). The project compares London and São Paulo in respect to social segregation and transport accessibility. His MSc research involved the use of complex networks to evaluate topology changes in São Paulo’s public transport in different spatial scales and testing the robustness against simulated attacks. Before joining a research career, he has completed a postgraduate course in Business intelligence and had worked in the Information Technology field.
PhD supervisor:
Vincenzo Nicosia